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[15-Feb-17 02:03:18]x86iac: in the lfm file caption = 'aa' but in the constructor it is caption := 'aa;
[15-Feb-17 02:03:30]x86iac: yes it is code
[15-Feb-17 02:04:16]x86iac: i can covert all the lfms except for what the < > is
[15-Feb-17 02:04:35]GPF_1: its a set of options with no meaning..
[15-Feb-17 02:04:53]GPF_1: just leve it out.
[15-Feb-17 02:05:10]x86iac: then it will use the default?
[15-Feb-17 02:05:28]GPF_1: yes. what ever that is.
[15-Feb-17 02:06:08]x86iac: what about Action := caNone;
[15-Feb-17 02:06:17]GPF_1: its empty in the lfm file, so be it.
[15-Feb-17 02:06:38]GPF_1: that is a event request for you to answer it.
[15-Feb-17 02:06:54]GPF_1: Close Action = None;
[15-Feb-17 02:07:05]GPF_1: I assume that is what you are looking at.
[15-Feb-17 02:07:09]x86iac: yes
[15-Feb-17 02:07:19]GPF_1: in the event, you set that value.
[15-Feb-17 02:07:31]GPF_1: so you can control how the close action is handled.
[15-Feb-17 02:07:39]GPF_1: you can prevent a form from closing if you wish.
[15-Feb-17 02:07:49]GPF_1: or you can have it free itself.
[15-Feb-17 02:07:53]GPF_1: caFree
[15-Feb-17 02:07:54]GPF_1: etc..
[15-Feb-17 02:08:18]x86iac: the compile error is Incompatible types: got "TCloseAction" expected "TCommitRollbackAction"
[15-Feb-17 02:08:39]GPF_1: what the f..
[15-Feb-17 02:08:51]x86iac: same error with caFree
[15-Feb-17 02:09:18]GPF_1: that looks like you are not in the same section as I am.
[15-Feb-17 02:09:20]x86iac: the lfm is Action = caNone
[15-Feb-17 02:09:38]x86iac: sqltransaction1
[15-Feb-17 02:10:25]GPF_1: looks like a different type
[15-Feb-17 02:10:46]GPF_1: What does the TcommitRollBackAction have in it?
[15-Feb-17 02:10:50]x86iac: the html help pages says it is  
[15-Feb-17 02:10:53]x86iac: Currently unused in SQLDB
[15-Feb-17 02:11:26]GPF_1: what sort of event does this caNone show up in?
[15-Feb-17 02:11:45]GPF_1: OnClose maybe?
[15-Feb-17 02:11:53]x86iac: tsqltransaction
[15-Feb-17 02:12:26]GPF_1: then its not a TCloseAction type
[15-Feb-17 02:14:14]GPF_1: unless you have some wacked out compiler issue.
[15-Feb-17 02:22:05]x86iac_: sorry GPF_1 bad internet here
[15-Feb-17 02:22:59]GPF_1: I thought it was your bad code.
[15-Feb-17 02:27:12]x86iac: do you use dbgrid?
[15-Feb-17 02:29:29]GPF_1: man he's gone again.
[15-Feb-17 02:32:33]x86iac: no
[15-Feb-17 02:33:16]GPF_1: Yes, I've used Dbgrid way back in the old days
[15-Feb-17 02:33:17]x86iac: dbgrid is the only control that won't show on a form ... nothing else - stripped down code
[15-Feb-17 02:33:39]x86iac: it has to be the column = < >
[15-Feb-17 02:34:39]GPF_1: are you trying to recover an app or something?
[15-Feb-17 02:36:51]x86iac: just using the sqldb on lazarus
[15-Feb-17 02:38:00]GPF_1: ok, I need to bail out here. I am falling asleep..
[15-Feb-17 02:38:03]GPF_1: I am getting old I guess.
[15-Feb-17 02:38:07]GPF_1: cant take it..
[15-Feb-17 02:38:13]GPF_1: good night..
[15-Feb-17 02:46:29]x86iac: cya good nite
[15-Feb-17 02:49:03]x86iac: i left out parent ;= self; all fixed :)

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