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[28-Jul-18 02:35:35]Jo-Anna345: thats all the factory contains at design time
[28-Jul-18 02:35:42]zaherdirkey: btw y u need it? why not just local variable or result of function
[28-Jul-18 02:35:55]zaherdirkey: talking about NEW_CONTROL
[28-Jul-18 02:35:58]Jo-Anna345: the new control ?
[28-Jul-18 02:37:00]zaherdirkey: make CREATE_A_CONTROL as function and return that control, no need to make it as class member
[28-Jul-18 02:37:08]Jo-Anna345: hmm could try moving it to local variable
[28-Jul-18 02:37:29]zaherdirkey: or result if u want to use it in the caller
[28-Jul-18 02:39:34]Jo-Anna345: i cant make it local because i reference it in another procedure after its created
[28-Jul-18 02:39:58]zaherdirkey: for that return it as result or var parameter
[28-Jul-18 02:41:27]Jo-Anna345: i suppose i could make create control into a function
[28-Jul-18 02:43:45]zaherdirkey: to reduce bugs, just reduce public, class members variables that can replaced with local or var params
[28-Jul-18 02:45:26]Jo-Anna345: ive redone this so many times its very old code
[28-Jul-18 02:45:42]Jo-Anna345: ill try out using a function that seems sensible
[28-Jul-18 02:46:13]zaherdirkey: ur code is so complicated
[28-Jul-18 02:46:25]Jo-Anna345: i know
[28-Jul-18 02:46:26]Jo-Anna345: haha
[28-Jul-18 02:47:47]Jo-Anna345: if there is a way to do the same with less code that is better
[28-Jul-18 02:48:50]zaherdirkey: hmmm, no need to use enum of type classes , use the class it self
[28-Jul-18 02:48:57]zaherdirkey: like
[28-Jul-18 02:49:16]zaherdirkey: TmyFrameClass = class of TmyFrame
[28-Jul-18 02:49:44]zaherdirkey: TmyChildFrame = class(TmyFrame)
[28-Jul-18 02:49:56]zaherdirkey: var myclass = TmyChildFrame
[28-Jul-18 02:50:11]Jo-Anna345: i dont always create frames i also create simple things like labels
[28-Jul-18 02:50:25]zaherdirkey: mycontrol = myclass.create(AOwner)
[28-Jul-18 02:50:48]zaherdirkey: ok just use "class of TControl"
[28-Jul-18 02:51:09]Jo-Anna345: im not sure how to do that
[28-Jul-18 02:51:29]zaherdirkey: do u tried class variable before?
[28-Jul-18 02:52:03]Jo-Anna345: never done that before
[28-Jul-18 02:52:40]zaherdirkey: look above myclass u can understand it
[28-Jul-18 02:53:11]zaherdirkey:
[28-Jul-18 02:54:04]zaherdirkey:
[28-Jul-18 02:54:44]Jo-Anna345: i will look
[28-Jul-18 02:56:11]Jo-Anna345: how do i tell it what type of thing i want
[28-Jul-18 02:56:23]Jo-Anna345: a tlabel isnt a class is it ?
[28-Jul-18 02:56:29]zaherdirkey: pass the class
[28-Jul-18 02:56:40]zaherdirkey: tlabel is a class
[28-Jul-18 02:56:54]zaherdirkey: and inherited from TControl
[28-Jul-18 02:58:05]Jo-Anna345: im not sure how to use this though i need to read more
[28-Jul-18 02:58:33]Jo-Anna345: i do alot of checking if things are frames or not when doing thing with it
[28-Jul-18 02:58:50]zaherdirkey: it will shrink ur code
[28-Jul-18 02:59:15]Jo-Anna345: can the same class be both a label and complicated frame ?
[28-Jul-18 02:59:38]zaherdirkey: not understand
[28-Jul-18 03:00:36]Jo-Anna345: i think i need to read about it to understand it more thanks for the info
[28-Jul-18 03:00:48]zaherdirkey: yw
[28-Jul-18 03:00:53]zaherdirkey: i have to go now
[28-Jul-18 03:00:59]Jo-Anna345: gnite
[28-Jul-18 03:01:09]zaherdirkey: tc
[28-Jul-18 15:13:53]Diogenes: servus
[28-Jul-18 15:15:16]zaherdirkey: servus
[28-Jul-18 15:21:15]girafe2: girafe2 leaves #fpc("Leaving")

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