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[27-Jul-17 01:20:30]GPF_1: oh I forgot you'z on a apple, that would be the Green/Red screen of death.
[27-Jul-17 01:21:12]Jo-Anna345: laz crashes often
[27-Jul-17 01:21:31]GPF_1: not to often for me.
[27-Jul-17 01:21:42]GPF_1: its just that you are a hard core programmer.
[27-Jul-17 01:21:45]GPF_1: it can't handle you.
[27-Jul-17 01:21:50]Jo-Anna345: do most programmers care more about features than bugs or is it just me
[27-Jul-17 01:22:03]Jo-Anna345: you dont do as much gui stuff as i do
[27-Jul-17 01:22:14]GPF_1: it depends, its the ratio of bugs to features.
[27-Jul-17 01:22:34]GPF_1: Bugs/Features = productivity
[27-Jul-17 01:23:42]Jo-Anna345: i am very guilty of making newer fancier stuff so often the buggy code gets replaced with something else
[27-Jul-17 01:24:03]GPF_1: yes, you just simply build ontop of bugs.
[27-Jul-17 01:24:25]Jo-Anna345: i dont do that even though it can be tempting
[27-Jul-17 01:24:46]Jo-Anna345: i usually redo the lower level stuff and leave the things based on it stranded
[27-Jul-17 01:25:07]GPF_1: its like windows.
[27-Jul-17 01:25:38]GPF_1: they made .NET ontop of the APIs we normally use, then other interaces uses .NET as the underlayer for their new scheme of things.
[27-Jul-17 01:25:52]Jo-Anna345: my latest change probably broke most of the frames in program
[27-Jul-17 01:25:54]GPF_1: when something goes wrong with the API level, MS might fix it.
[27-Jul-17 01:26:05]GPF_1: but if they do, it could effect the .nET layer.
[27-Jul-17 01:26:29]GPF_1: so they fix that someday, which then effects the other layers others have used ontop of .NET and so on.
[27-Jul-17 01:26:31]Jo-Anna345: i wish i knew a way not to break other code
[27-Jul-17 01:26:47]GPF_1: you need to follow the rulse put in place.
[27-Jul-17 01:27:00]GPF_1: and if you do that and it still bombs then you've found a bug.
[27-Jul-17 01:27:01]Jo-Anna345: with inheritance everything is related to one frame
[27-Jul-17 01:27:53]GPF_1: sure but can always choose the form you want.
[27-Jul-17 01:28:05]GPF_1: and it ends up elsewhere.
[27-Jul-17 01:28:37]Jo-Anna345: oh i forgot all forms inherited from a base form
[27-Jul-17 01:29:34]GPF_1: thats true but, all you are getting is the methods of all those instances.
[27-Jul-17 01:29:42]GPF_1: the property values are all different.
[27-Jul-17 01:29:58]GPF_1: setting a property in one instant does not change the property in others.
[27-Jul-17 01:30:12]Jo-Anna345: of course
[27-Jul-17 01:31:32]Jo-Anna345: polymorphism
[27-Jul-17 01:31:58]GPF_1: yeah I know, its like what you look like when getting up in the morning verses what you look like when you leave the house.
[27-Jul-17 01:32:29]Jo-Anna345: hah
[27-Jul-17 01:32:41]Jo-Anna345: thats an odd way to put it lol
[27-Jul-17 01:32:47]GPF_1: ;)
[27-Jul-17 01:33:29]Jo-Anna345: i have a very strange bug . my procedure that stacks things looks great if used alone but has too many spaces if i call flatten first
[27-Jul-17 01:34:00]Jo-Anna345: i dont know how it can act so different
[27-Jul-17 01:34:28]GPF_1: flatten them, that must be your code.
[27-Jul-17 01:35:01]Jo-Anna345: the flatten looks good always
[27-Jul-17 01:35:13]GPF_1: ok.
[27-Jul-17 01:35:19]Jo-Anna345: the stack looks good as long as i dont use flatten !
[27-Jul-17 01:36:04]GPF_1: what are yuo doing when you call your flatten code?
[27-Jul-17 01:36:32]Jo-Anna345: im anchoring all of them side by side
[27-Jul-17 01:36:41]GPF_1: ah..
[27-Jul-17 01:37:04]GPF_1: there are child sizing which has the space parameters
[27-Jul-17 01:38:27]GPF_1: brb
[27-Jul-17 01:38:36]Jo-Anna345: im getting tired
[27-Jul-17 01:39:11]Jo-Anna345: its like its adding an extra 5 pixels between vertical controls
[27-Jul-17 01:39:17]Jo-Anna345: i think i need a break
[27-Jul-17 01:39:20]Jo-Anna345: see you later

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