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[26-Mar-17 04:11:13]GPF_1: not the OS.
[26-Mar-17 04:11:27]GPF_1: part of the support chip set .
[26-Mar-17 04:12:14]Joanna___: So in other words they can look and listen to you
[26-Mar-17 04:12:21]GPF_1: yes
[26-Mar-17 04:12:23]Joanna___: Even when turned off
[26-Mar-17 04:12:35]GPF_1: if totally off I don't think
[26-Mar-17 04:12:36]GPF_1: so
[26-Mar-17 04:12:44]Joanna___: Who knows lol
[26-Mar-17 04:13:04]GPF_1: but if you just simple do the quick blink off, then its still on.
[26-Mar-17 04:13:24]GPF_1: its not off until you actually hold the button on for a while to do a complete off.
[26-Mar-17 04:13:31]Joanna___: They also monitor your location I remember before cell phones could do that
[26-Mar-17 04:13:38]GPF_1: but, that only stops the OS.
[26-Mar-17 04:14:10]GPF_1: yes, the OS has things in it to report back.
[26-Mar-17 04:14:34]GPF_1: but I think the apple phones do have a wakeup mode.
[26-Mar-17 04:14:37]Joanna___: Well this is no surprise at all I always figured this
[26-Mar-17 04:14:46]GPF_1: its like the key fobs for your car.
[26-Mar-17 04:15:26]GPF_1: so the phone at the hardware level still has some active chips in it detecting signals
[26-Mar-17 04:15:35]Joanna___: If they can do this why do they pretend they can't get into password protected phones ?
[26-Mar-17 04:15:51]Joanna___: I guess just disinformation
[26-Mar-17 04:15:56]GPF_1: its not as easy as it sounds
[26-Mar-17 04:16:15]Joanna___: They have back doors dont they ?
[26-Mar-17 04:16:34]GPF_1: basically, they could remotely see your flash drive and do a down load.
[26-Mar-17 04:16:43]GPF_1: that would be all they need.
[26-Mar-17 04:16:55]Joanna___: Flash drive where ?
[26-Mar-17 04:17:04]GPF_1: the could even maybe turn the phone on at a level where the phone is not booting the os.
[26-Mar-17 04:17:16]GPF_1: that is the memory the phones use
[26-Mar-17 04:17:23]GPF_1: flash memory.
[26-Mar-17 04:17:45]Joanna___: So your phone will. Spy on you untill the battery is dead
[26-Mar-17 04:18:10]GPF_1: many mother boards these days have a small processor that runs first before your OS does, actually they run all the time.
[26-Mar-17 04:18:41]Joanna___: The thing is on an iPhone I wouldn't use recursion because only one thing is visible at a time ..
[26-Mar-17 04:19:06]Joanna___: That's why battery goes dead even if you aren't using.
[26-Mar-17 04:19:28]Joanna___: My laptop loses battery charge if I leave it unplugged
[26-Mar-17 04:20:19]GPF_1: yes, its that is the case with many
[26-Mar-17 04:20:50]Joanna___: Im not too worried about the govt spying
[26-Mar-17 04:20:58]GPF_1: ha
[26-Mar-17 04:21:30]Joanna___: The fact that it's in the news why do you think that is ?
[26-Mar-17 04:22:00]Joanna___: Nothing is in the news because it is important unless it's a wildfire I can smell
[26-Mar-17 04:22:18]GPF_1: ha
[26-Mar-17 04:22:27]Joanna___: If it matters I can smell it
[26-Mar-17 04:22:36]Joanna___: Already usually
[26-Mar-17 04:24:53]Joanna___: I decided awhile back that the news media are the villains
[26-Mar-17 04:25:00]Joanna___: So I do not heed them
[26-Mar-17 04:25:37]Joanna___: Afk
[26-Mar-17 04:26:28]GPF_1: yup
[26-Mar-17 04:26:31]GPF_1: they are..
[26-Mar-17 05:03:31]crossbuilder: crossbuilder quits(Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
[26-Mar-17 06:53:23]DiogenesW: servus
[26-Mar-17 16:56:02]Joanna___: Hello everyone
[26-Mar-17 20:05:36]de_jean_7777: de_jean_7777 quits(Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
[26-Mar-17 20:30:21]DiogenesW: gute nacht

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