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[23-Jun-18 12:08:21]Jo-Anna345: i probably have 10k lines
[23-Jun-18 12:08:31]Coraxyn: There you go
[23-Jun-18 12:08:56]Jo-Anna345: but i think i can do more with less
[23-Jun-18 12:09:05]Coraxyn: Sure
[23-Jun-18 12:09:18]Jo-Anna345: my buggy factory frame has over 1000 lines
[23-Jun-18 12:09:52]Coraxyn: Ouch
[23-Jun-18 12:10:24]Jo-Anna345: where can i see how many lines i have ?
[23-Jun-18 12:10:33]Jo-Anna345: the factory does alot
[23-Jun-18 12:14:17]Jo-Anna345: yay it sort of works
[23-Jun-18 12:14:24]Jo-Anna345: time for a break
[23-Jun-18 12:14:25]Coraxyn: :)
[23-Jun-18 12:14:46]*: Coraxyn passes Jo bottle of rum
[23-Jun-18 12:14:57]Jo-Anna345: the funny thing is i didnt know about all the formal descriptions of programming
[23-Jun-18 12:15:07]Jo-Anna345: until i looked at a data structures book
[23-Jun-18 12:15:31]Jo-Anna345: i discovered factory on my own which took quite alot of time
[23-Jun-18 12:16:29]Jo-Anna345: what time is it there ? time for dinner here
[23-Jun-18 12:16:46]Coraxyn: Start with data structuren go to formal systems
[23-Jun-18 12:16:54]Coraxyn: +then
[23-Jun-18 12:17:04]Coraxyn: Annabelle is being cudly :)
[23-Jun-18 12:17:25]Jo-Anna345: i dont have alot of people to discuss programming with apart from these channels
[23-Jun-18 12:17:46]Coraxyn: May be able to help
[23-Jun-18 12:18:02]Jo-Anna345: you can :)
[23-Jun-18 12:18:14]Jo-Anna345: have to make dinner see you tomorrow ?
[23-Jun-18 12:18:25]Jo-Anna345: afk
[23-Jun-18 16:49:46]Diogenes: bis vermutlich morgen
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[24-Jun-18 07:08:07]Diogenes: servus
[24-Jun-18 10:20:39]presiden: servus
[24-Jun-18 10:48:35]Diogenes: servus presiden :)
[24-Jun-18 11:12:11]presiden: Diogenes: servus snape
[24-Jun-18 11:25:23]Diogenes: :)
[24-Jun-18 11:27:07]presiden: (I probably have used that pun before)
[24-Jun-18 12:11:27]Coraxyn: Coraxyn leaves #fpc("Leaving")
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[24-Jun-18 19:27:41]Diogenes: gute nacht

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