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[21-Apr-18 02:26:34]Joanna2_: My apple power locks plug in ok
[21-Apr-18 02:27:00]Joanna2_: Blocks
[21-Apr-18 02:27:16]Joanna2_: Stupid autocorrect
[21-Apr-18 02:27:21]GPF_1: they have spand pins like here correct?
[21-Apr-18 02:27:46]GPF_1: Japan nas 100 and 200 volt for homes.
[21-Apr-18 02:27:48]Joanna2_: They look like American plugs from old days
[21-Apr-18 02:28:02]GPF_1: yes. the old lamp cord standards
[21-Apr-18 02:28:12]Joanna2_: Before 3 prong outlets
[21-Apr-18 02:28:27]Joanna2_: Old American appliances would work
[21-Apr-18 02:28:46]GPF_1: yes, they did that after the war.
[21-Apr-18 02:28:58]Joanna2_: I don't know if there are adapters for polarizes outlets
[21-Apr-18 02:29:02]GPF_1: I think they took on our standards but they kept with 100V instead.
[21-Apr-18 02:29:11]Joanna2_: Have you ever visited here ?
[21-Apr-18 02:29:13]GPF_1: an even metric
[21-Apr-18 02:29:22]Joanna2_: They use metric
[21-Apr-18 02:29:24]GPF_1: no, but I know their stuff..
[21-Apr-18 02:29:47]GPF_1: I've worked on electronic equipment made for their system
[21-Apr-18 02:29:50]GPF_1: it works here too.
[21-Apr-18 02:30:09]GPF_1: but the voltages are a little lower.
[21-Apr-18 02:30:30]Joanna2_: Yea well as long as it works I don't notice a difference
[21-Apr-18 02:31:40]GPF_1: most portable equipment and other things that are not so portable use universial supplies
[21-Apr-18 02:31:50]GPF_1: 85..260V AC
[21-Apr-18 02:32:09]GPF_1: so they device will work anywhere in the world.
[21-Apr-18 02:32:18]GPF_1: with nothing more than a plug change
[21-Apr-18 02:32:34]Joanna2_: My cannon phone charger works
[21-Apr-18 02:32:55]Joanna2_: I'm not sure why American appliances are all polarized
[21-Apr-18 02:33:13]GPF_1: safty..
[21-Apr-18 02:33:32]GPF_1: the wide pin is towards ground.
[21-Apr-18 02:33:40]Joanna2_: Aren't Japanese things safe ?
[21-Apr-18 02:33:49]GPF_1: the small pin is HOT.
[21-Apr-18 02:34:04]GPF_1: most likely.
[21-Apr-18 02:34:27]Joanna2_: I know if you plug a three prong device into a two prong extension cord it's really bad
[21-Apr-18 02:34:59]Joanna2_: Like say a guitar amp and a drunk person playing guitar
[21-Apr-18 02:35:04]GPF_1: the idea is to have a real earth ground on the part of the device you touch
[21-Apr-18 02:35:08]Joanna2_: True story
[21-Apr-18 02:35:59]GPF_1: years ago they widen the Neutral pin so that you are forced to flug it in one direction.
[21-Apr-18 02:36:11]GPF_1: that PIN connects to ground at the fuse box.
[21-Apr-18 02:36:16]Joanna2_: I used to ground things by connecting a wire to a metal object like faucet or fence
[21-Apr-18 02:36:46]GPF_1: they worked years ago but now a lot of plastic is used.
[21-Apr-18 02:36:59]GPF_1: so it does not make it to a earth ground where you connected to.
[21-Apr-18 02:37:22]GPF_1: then later on they decided to add a ground pin..
[21-Apr-18 02:37:47]Joanna2_: The sink here looks like drain pipe is a vacuum cleaner hose !
[21-Apr-18 02:37:48]GPF_1: so you ask, now why do you need an additional ground pin if you already have one.
[21-Apr-18 02:38:41]Joanna2_: They have a lot of strainers to catch debris before it leaves house
[21-Apr-18 02:38:53]GPF_1: the reason requiring a ground pin is that it provides a ground for protect but curries no current.
[21-Apr-18 02:40:07]GPF_1: ah yes, they don't want any American trinkets down the drain.
[21-Apr-18 02:41:07]GPF_1: Ok, I need to break off, need to make myself a sandwhich or something, I'z hungeerrrrry...
[21-Apr-18 02:41:24]Joanna2_: Me too see you later
[21-Apr-18 02:41:29]GPF_1: night
[21-Apr-18 04:05:22]Diogenes: servus

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