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[24-Jan-17 02:44:30]Joanna345: i used to actually loop hrough the controls in the higher level frame
[24-Jan-17 02:44:44]GPF_1: the way the message system works is like this.
[24-Jan-17 02:44:50]GPF_1: you have a Main Message loop.
[24-Jan-17 02:44:59]GPF_1: that is in the Application class.
[24-Jan-17 02:45:09]GPF_1: it sits there in a GetMessage call.
[24-Jan-17 02:45:37]GPF_1: when a messae arrivers, it is sent to a TranslateMessage function
[24-Jan-17 02:46:01]GPF_1: incase it is a keystroke, where it then inserts some more messages to later come back
[24-Jan-17 02:46:16]GPF_1: after that, it then calls a function names DispatchMessage.
[24-Jan-17 02:46:31]GPF_1: at that point, the message will get sent to the proper window...
[24-Jan-17 02:46:37]GPF_1: buttons are windows.
[24-Jan-17 02:46:50]GPF_1: they have a message procedure.
[24-Jan-17 02:47:11]GPF_1: The DispatchMessage calls that procedure with all the data along with it.
[24-Jan-17 02:47:25]GPF_1: in the case of the WM_SHOWWINDOW, it'll post that message to that window.
[24-Jan-17 02:47:32]Joanna345: what do you use that for ?
[24-Jan-17 02:47:39]GPF_1: LOL
[24-Jan-17 02:47:45]GPF_1: thats a broad question.
[24-Jan-17 02:47:53]GPF_1: that is how your applications work in windows.
[24-Jan-17 02:48:11]GPF_1: all this fancy code you play with is hiding it.
[24-Jan-17 02:48:30]GPF_1: in otherwords, you are spoiled.
[24-Jan-17 02:48:48]Joanna345: i had quite a bit of trouble with that tab control didnt I
[24-Jan-17 02:48:52]GPF_1: Only serious coders wrote window programs back in the old days!
[24-Jan-17 02:48:54]GPF_1: ;)
[24-Jan-17 02:49:01]GPF_1: Yes you did.
[24-Jan-17 02:49:34]GPF_1: But when VB and Delphi came out.. it solved a lot.
[24-Jan-17 02:49:52]GPF_1: classes are writtne with loads of code in it to make your life simple.
[24-Jan-17 02:50:06]GPF_1: ect, etc etc....
[24-Jan-17 02:50:25]Joanna345: if there werent these fancy programmers users would be less spoiled
[24-Jan-17 02:50:42]GPF_1: no , there would be less users
[24-Jan-17 02:50:45]GPF_1: ;)
[24-Jan-17 02:50:45]Joanna345: imagine if users had to use command line programs ...
[24-Jan-17 02:50:50]Joanna345: lol
[24-Jan-17 02:51:16]GPF_1: ah, that would mean programmers would still be employed
[24-Jan-17 02:51:35]GPF_1: because only few are brave enough to work that hard.
[24-Jan-17 02:51:49]Joanna345: arent programmers employed ?
[24-Jan-17 02:52:09]GPF_1: back then, that was it. so this new commers saw that as a joke and went played baseball instead
[24-Jan-17 02:52:12]Joanna345: i remember the days before auto completion ..
[24-Jan-17 02:52:24]GPF_1: not like they used to be.
[24-Jan-17 02:52:32]GPF_1: LOL
[24-Jan-17 02:52:44]GPF_1: yeah, that had to be very hard on you!
[24-Jan-17 02:52:47]GPF_1: ;)
[24-Jan-17 02:53:02]GPF_1: Ok, I need to bail now..
[24-Jan-17 02:53:04]Joanna345: even with all the help most people do not want to program
[24-Jan-17 02:53:10]Joanna345: see yu later
[24-Jan-17 02:53:14]GPF_1: night.,
[24-Jan-17 02:53:18]Joanna345: nite
[24-Jan-17 17:46:04]McClane: hi
[24-Jan-17 17:46:06]McClane: {$IFDEF UseCThreads}
[24-Jan-17 17:46:06]McClane: cthreads,
[24-Jan-17 17:46:06]McClane: {$ENDIF}
[24-Jan-17 17:46:21]McClane: how can the program knows i'm using threads?

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