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[11-Nov-17 23:33:11]de_jean_7777: And for each type it handles, specialize for that type.
[11-Nov-17 23:33:26]de_jean_7777: No, they don't test for the type inside.
[11-Nov-17 23:34:10]Jo-Anna2: im only familiar with over loaded things and the untyped var parameter
[11-Nov-17 23:34:24]de_jean_7777: Generics are a different beast.
[11-Nov-17 23:34:31]de_jean_7777: You can read up on them on the wiki.
[11-Nov-17 23:34:36]Jo-Anna2: ive never used them
[11-Nov-17 23:34:42]Jo-Anna2: maybe someday
[11-Nov-17 23:35:48]de_jean_7777: They help with reducing redundant code.
[11-Nov-17 23:35:50]Jo-Anna2: i use virtual methods alot
[11-Nov-17 23:36:00]de_jean_7777: If you do the same things for different types.
[11-Nov-17 23:36:13]de_jean_7777: Jo-Anna2: yeah, that's oop inheritance
[11-Nov-17 23:36:17]Jo-Anna2: ive redone my program many times to get rid of redundancy
[11-Nov-17 23:36:55]de_jean_7777: that's another thing
[11-Nov-17 23:37:23]de_jean_7777: I redo parts often.
[11-Nov-17 23:37:38]Jo-Anna2: at one point i realized that my frames should be inheriting other frames i havent finished all that yet it sure is tricky
[11-Nov-17 23:37:40]de_jean_7777: And usually shouldn't be afraid to rewrite or refactor things if they're not satisfactory.
[11-Nov-17 23:37:54]de_jean_7777: Point is to simplify future work.
[11-Nov-17 23:38:10]Jo-Anna2: if you program as a hobby you can get away with redoing things i dont know about workplaces
[11-Nov-17 23:38:47]Jo-Anna2: i dont think anyone but me uses inherited frames
[11-Nov-17 23:40:06]Jo-Anna2: when i first started on laz i didnt know anything so i started playing with just the gui controls
[11-Nov-17 23:42:28]Jo-Anna2: afk
[11-Nov-17 23:47:30]de_jean_7777: at my work, I refactor stuff cause I know it'll save me time in the long run
[11-Nov-17 23:47:54]de_jean_7777: if you keep making a hack after hack, then it takes too much time to maintain the code
[11-Nov-17 23:48:10]de_jean_7777: and makes the life of anyone else who has to take the code after you harder
[11-Nov-17 23:48:27]de_jean_7777: I'll be off too for sleep
[11-Nov-17 23:59:12]Diogenes: gute nacht
[12-Nov-17 07:04:03]Diogenes: servus
[12-Nov-17 07:37:08]Coraxyn: Morning
[12-Nov-17 08:34:55]Coraxyn: Hmm, its never done that before!
[12-Nov-17 08:53:31]Diogenes: servus JuhaManninen fpcfan zaherdirkey
[12-Nov-17 08:53:38]Diogenes: Coraxyn what do you mean?
[12-Nov-17 08:57:14]Coraxyn: Implementing performance enhancements in app
[12-Nov-17 08:57:36]Coraxyn: One is chewing up threads into tiny bits :)
[12-Nov-17 08:57:51]Coraxyn: App explodes on exit :)
[12-Nov-17 18:16:55]Coraxyn: Morning
[12-Nov-17 19:05:56]*: Coraxyn is so stupid that he wonder how he keeps his blood circulating
[12-Nov-17 19:46:17]Tarnyko: hi folks
[12-Nov-17 19:46:38]Tarnyko: JuhaManninen : hello ^^
[12-Nov-17 19:47:12]Diogenes: Coraxyn whats
[12-Nov-17 19:47:13]Diogenes: Coraxyn whats
[12-Nov-17 19:47:15]Diogenes: Coraxyn whats
[12-Nov-17 19:47:19]Diogenes: Coraxyn what'sup?
[12-Nov-17 19:47:25]Diogenes: servus tangentstorm
[12-Nov-17 20:33:29]Jo-anna: hello
[12-Nov-17 20:34:13]Jo-anna: Coraxyn
[12-Nov-17 20:55:36]Diogenes: gute nacht
[13-Nov-17 10:51:43]Coraxyn: Morning
[13-Nov-17 18:31:07]Diogenes: servus
[13-Nov-17 19:03:29]Redfoxmoon: Redfoxmoon leaves #fpc("Leaving")
[13-Nov-17 19:41:09]Diogenes: gute nacht

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