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[11-Dec-18 02:13:04]GPF_1: Then someone spokeup indicating they tried that and found the method they used in lazarus has a bug in it.
[11-Dec-18 02:13:13]GPF_1: TcursorImage
[11-Dec-18 02:13:43]GPF_1: there is a serious bug in it, and after I tried to debug that one I can't not find anything wrong with the coding..
[11-Dec-18 02:13:45]GPF_1: it should work.
[11-Dec-18 02:14:03]GPF_1: but there is some memory curruption that is hitting that class.
[11-Dec-18 02:14:37]GPF_1: inother words the code isn't what the compiler compiled and linked in.
[11-Dec-18 02:15:20]GPF_1: not only that, if you enable HEAPTRC, as soon as you hit the first test it abourts to the exit point of heaptrac
[11-Dec-18 02:15:47]zaherdirkey: so u cant fix it
[11-Dec-18 02:15:51]GPF_1: which means, there is a memory pool corruption taking place.
[11-Dec-18 02:16:17]GPF_1: no I can't because apparently at some point, the memory manager is getting corrupted
[11-Dec-18 02:17:22]GPF_1: how ever, I showed them how to do it the standard way and that works
[11-Dec-18 02:17:43]GPF_1: using the "CreateIconIndirect' function.
[11-Dec-18 02:18:42]GPF_1: and apparently the TCursorImage only fails in Windows target
[11-Dec-18 02:18:47]GPF_1: works in others.
[11-Dec-18 02:19:10]GPF_1: that is because the widget is for the other targers are managing the images in a shared style.
[11-Dec-18 02:19:59]GPF_1: the CreateIconIndirect simply uses a Bmp as a reference to create an image of its own..
[11-Dec-18 02:20:05]GPF_1: it does not own the bitmap.
[11-Dec-18 02:20:09]GPF_1: that you give it.
[11-Dec-18 02:20:20]GPF_1: so you can delete that image anytime you wish.
[11-Dec-18 02:20:49]GPF_1: but the idea was to use the image that are attached to the components on the component bar
[11-Dec-18 02:21:12]zaherdirkey: i have to go, time to bed
[11-Dec-18 02:21:13]GPF_1: so that when you select a component and while you move your cursor across the forms, the cursor will change to that image.
[11-Dec-18 02:21:36]GPF_1: ok, night
[11-Dec-18 02:21:40]zaherdirkey: take care
[11-Dec-18 02:21:45]GPF_1: u too
[11-Dec-18 02:40:11]GPF_1: they are people with milk bottom type glasses on.
[11-Dec-18 02:40:21]GPF_1: badly covered face of zits
[11-Dec-18 02:40:37]GPF_1: don't shave, only shower once a mouth.
[11-Dec-18 02:40:41]GPF_1: month
[11-Dec-18 02:41:00]GPF_1: and usually have empty boxes of donuts and pizza all over
[11-Dec-18 02:41:15]GPF_1: and yeah, don't for the bottles of jolt!
[11-Dec-18 02:41:31]GPF_1: Did I say that?
[11-Dec-18 02:41:40]GPF_1: what makes you think I am not one of them! lOL
[11-Dec-18 02:42:46]GPF_1: I have a chair called the napper-cropper, with a built in frig, pooper, remote control for the TV, and keyboard for computer sitting there.
[11-Dec-18 02:42:58]GPF_1: that would be the "Napper-Crapper"
[11-Dec-18 02:43:11]GPF_1: and when I need a little rest, I just fall asleep in place.
[11-Dec-18 02:43:22]GPF_1: the computer does a auto save of my work.
[11-Dec-18 02:44:39]GPF_1: Lookup "The Napper Crapper"
[11-Dec-18 02:45:40]GPF_1: no
[11-Dec-18 02:45:47]GPF_1: there is a short video of it.
[11-Dec-18 02:45:59]GPF_1: ha
[11-Dec-18 02:47:30]GPF_1: but it has a frig too.
[11-Dec-18 02:47:42]GPF_1: and a TV that swings around..
[11-Dec-18 02:47:49]GPF_1: remote control in the arm rest
[11-Dec-18 02:49:26]GPF_1: ye
[11-Dec-18 02:49:35]GPF_1: you didn't watch the video
[11-Dec-18 02:49:45]GPF_1: it swings out of the side of the arm rest
[11-Dec-18 02:50:03]GPF_1: that is where the jolt is kept cool.
[11-Dec-18 02:51:06]GPF_1: I need to go now...
[11-Dec-18 17:10:17]Diogenes: servus

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