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[22-May-17 03:52:13]GPF_1: now and then my desktop will refresh all the windows.
[22-May-17 03:52:30]GPF_1: and if I have that form up when my desktop does that, it crashes
[22-May-17 03:53:08]GPF_1: its only if I am looking at the report form and my desktop desides to refresh..
[22-May-17 03:53:26]GPF_1: all of my other programs will flash the forms.
[22-May-17 03:53:28]Joanna345: oh
[22-May-17 03:53:40]GPF_1: something that windows does now and then when they are spying on me.
[22-May-17 03:54:09]GPF_1: it does not cause any damage, its only when I am exiting the test run.
[22-May-17 03:54:11]Joanna345: hah
[22-May-17 03:54:13]GPF_1: I get that report.
[22-May-17 03:54:25]Joanna345: that sounds annoying
[22-May-17 03:54:47]GPF_1: I can get a clean report of memory release and if I see my browser flicker due to refreshing, it'll crash while I am looking at the report
[22-May-17 03:55:20]GPF_1: I think it is because most of the test program is shut down.
[22-May-17 03:55:33]GPF_1: and the desktop is trying to refresh that report screen too!
[22-May-17 03:55:42]GPF_1: they just don't get along I guess.
[22-May-17 03:58:12]GPF_1: brb
[22-May-17 04:01:19]GPF_1: bk
[22-May-17 04:01:47]Joanna345: ok
[22-May-17 04:03:57]Joanna345: the text in a label only has alignment for horizontal things ?
[22-May-17 04:05:00]GPF_1: you want angle text ?
[22-May-17 04:05:28]GPF_1: canvas.font.orientation ..
[22-May-17 04:05:29]Joanna345: my trackbar seems to be lower than the text and it looks bad
[22-May-17 04:06:15]GPF_1: yuo mean you want to shif the text a little and the control isn't allowing you?
[22-May-17 04:06:34]Joanna345: maybe im not constraining something enough
[22-May-17 04:08:09]Joanna345: sometimes trackbar bottom is even with labels sometimes its lower than labels which looks bad
[22-May-17 04:08:26]Joanna345: when i resize maybe it isnt shrinking enough
[22-May-17 04:09:07]GPF_1: the OI likes to hold the controls in a grid
[22-May-17 04:09:32]Joanna345: the trackbar and labels are inside the panel
[22-May-17 04:09:59]GPF_1: are you using True Type fonts?
[22-May-17 04:10:23]Joanna345: who knows
[22-May-17 04:10:48]Joanna345: well im using text extent of label to constrain height of trackbar
[22-May-17 04:11:09]GPF_1: if you go directly to the screen you can manage it ;)
[22-May-17 04:13:09]GPF_1: If you place a TPaintBox on the Panel, you can then use the Onpaint event of the PaintBox
[22-May-17 04:13:25]GPF_1: with that, you can write out your labels anywhre, any color.
[22-May-17 04:13:36]GPF_1: even special effects if you wish ;)
[22-May-17 04:15:16]Joanna345: im having enough trouble controlling my program as it is ...
[22-May-17 04:15:34]GPF_1: lOL
[22-May-17 04:20:41]Joanna345: I HAD erased the busy:= false thing ...
[22-May-17 04:22:25]GPF_1: ok
[22-May-17 04:22:44]Joanna345: im getting tired time for a movie
[22-May-17 04:23:02]GPF_1: that wont cause any harm, but stop u from recursing
[22-May-17 04:23:09]Joanna345: gnite and thanks for the info not sure when ill be ready to use it
[22-May-17 04:23:13]GPF_1: ok night
[22-May-17 04:23:19]Joanna345: it was not resizing after first time
[22-May-17 04:23:33]Joanna345: see you later
[22-May-17 04:28:15]GPF_1: night
[22-May-17 15:58:55]DiogenesW: servus
[22-May-17 16:34:54]rajnagin: I have written 3d and contour mapping program in turbo pascal. How to port it to fpc?
[22-May-17 17:35:23]DiogenesW: gute nacht
[23-May-17 16:59:15]DiogenesW: servus
[23-May-17 18:16:40]DiogenesW: gute nacht

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