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[16-Jan-18 19:52:38]xet7: xet7 quits(Ping timeout: 255 seconds)
[16-Jan-18 19:53:57]mischi: you might also have a look into the ncurses package.
[16-Jan-18 20:00:42]nugax: i got it
[16-Jan-18 20:00:45]nugax: thanks
[16-Jan-18 20:07:11]mischi: oki.
[16-Jan-18 20:57:36]Ecran: hello
[16-Jan-18 20:57:41]Ecran: how are you?
[16-Jan-18 21:00:20]mischi: hiho. all is right.
[16-Jan-18 23:26:39]traumschule: traumschule quits(Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
[17-Jan-18 10:23:18]fatalerrors: fatalerrors quits(Quit: Sic luceat lux)
[17-Jan-18 10:27:58]Diogenes: servus
[17-Jan-18 10:39:53]fatalerrors: fatalerrors quits(Client Quit)
[17-Jan-18 10:45:42]esby: esby quits(Quit: Lost terminal)
[17-Jan-18 14:26:05]irco: irco quits(Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
[17-Jan-18 17:33:17]nugax: Any idea why sqlite might be giving this error?
[17-Jan-18 17:33:18]nugax: EInOutError: Can not load SQLite client library "". Check your installation.
[17-Jan-18 17:33:24]nugax: SQLite is installed
[17-Jan-18 17:45:44]B4S1L3: maybe the name of the so is different
[17-Jan-18 17:46:06]B4S1L3: just a guess:
[17-Jan-18 17:48:02]B4S1L3: BTW nugax, osx or linux ?
[17-Jan-18 17:48:15]nugax: i found the answer.
[17-Jan-18 17:48:19]nugax: but hvaing another issue
[17-Jan-18 17:48:29]B4S1L3: what was the issue finally ?
[17-Jan-18 17:48:59]nugax: ESQLDatabaseError: TSQLite3Connection : near "var": syntax error
[17-Jan-18 17:49:11]nugax: i probably have it coded incorrectly for creating the db
[17-Jan-18 17:49:25]B4S1L3: and about the name, i'd like to know please.
[17-Jan-18 17:50:10]nugax: sudo apt-get install libsqlite3-dev
[17-Jan-18 17:50:15]nugax: that was the package needed
[17-Jan-18 17:58:44]B4S1L3: Mmmh strange, usually the "...-dev" stuff provides the *.a static library.
[17-Jan-18 17:58:53]B4S1L3: But well if it works for you ;)
[17-Jan-18 18:41:25]oliebol: The -dev often also provides a symlink from e.g. as or even
[17-Jan-18 20:39:12]nugax: how do you just set the type for a 2 element string array?
[17-Jan-18 20:39:43]B4S1L3: array[0..1] of ...
[17-Jan-18 20:40:33]B4S1L3: oh...string...
[17-Jan-18 20:56:36]nugax: hrm
[17-Jan-18 20:57:00]nugax: not sure why I couldnt get that haha
[17-Jan-18 20:57:01]nugax: thanks
[17-Jan-18 21:13:10]Diogenes: gute ancht
[18-Jan-18 02:06:56]Diogenes: servus
[18-Jan-18 05:04:41]crossbuilder: crossbuilder quits(Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
[18-Jan-18 16:45:44]JernejL__: JernejL__ quits(Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[18-Jan-18 18:38:48]Diogenes: gute nacht
[18-Jan-18 19:09:33]Diogenes: ech benn wiederr da!
[18-Jan-18 20:04:15]Ecran: how are you people?
[18-Jan-18 20:45:37]Diogenes: recovering from illnes
[18-Jan-18 20:45:41]Diogenes: gute nacht
[19-Jan-18 00:10:50]drcode: drcode quits(Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
[19-Jan-18 14:58:03]Diogenes: servus
[19-Jan-18 15:48:08]nugax: anyone know how to simply do a sql select statement with sqlite in command line (not laz)
[19-Jan-18 15:48:30]nugax: i can execute insert and create dbs but cant figure out how or what function i need to query data.

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