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[23-Apr-17 20:59:17]Joanna345: shouldnt i be able to declare variables of the class types ?
[23-Apr-17 21:00:28]GPF_1: Objects,CLASSES, SYSUTILS,contnrs,windows;
[23-Apr-17 21:00:38]GPF_1: what is contnrs?
[23-Apr-17 21:00:46]GPF_1: should that be controls?
[23-Apr-17 21:00:49]GPF_1: or something/
[23-Apr-17 21:00:51]GPF_1: ?
[23-Apr-17 21:01:39]Alb42: contnrs = Containers -> TObjectList ;)
[23-Apr-17 21:01:48]Joanna345: oyea
[23-Apr-17 21:02:32]Joanna345: the auto complete works on unit but not classes in unit
[23-Apr-17 21:06:30]GPF_1: i just went through a unit with nothing but objects in it, it works there.
[23-Apr-17 21:06:39]GPF_1: it works in all of my units.
[23-Apr-17 21:06:56]Joanna345: i dont think a class without an ancestor is allowe to be used
[23-Apr-17 21:07:00]GPF_1: normally this happens when you have non compilable code.
[23-Apr-17 21:07:37]GPF_1: you can put the System.Tobject in there if you wish.
[23-Apr-17 21:07:49]GPF_1: it would harm anything
[23-Apr-17 21:07:54]GPF_1: wont
[23-Apr-17 21:08:07]Joanna345: ill try that
[23-Apr-17 21:08:51]Joanna345: that fixed it
[23-Apr-17 21:09:26]GPF_1: stupid code tools
[23-Apr-17 21:09:39]GPF_1: thats the fault of the IDE not the compiler.
[23-Apr-17 21:11:45]Joanna345: as i said there was something wrong with ancestor declaration
[23-Apr-17 21:13:02]GPF_1: but the compiler wasn't complaning.
[23-Apr-17 21:13:33]Joanna345: no it wasnt giving me combile errors but it kept taking me to the missing part
[23-Apr-17 21:13:43]Joanna345: that was the ide i guess
[23-Apr-17 21:13:48]Joanna345: not the compiler
[23-Apr-17 21:14:01]Joanna345: the compiler is fine with me typing everything in the hard way
[23-Apr-17 21:14:19]GPF_1: so it would compile error free but your IDE wouldn't happy about it.
[23-Apr-17 21:14:25]GPF_1: wasn't
[23-Apr-17 21:14:49]Joanna345: the ide kept taking me to the missing part or doing nothing when i pressed .
[23-Apr-17 21:15:21]Joanna345: it wanted the ancestor class which i had no clue what it was
[23-Apr-17 21:15:53]GPF_1: you know, you can place a comment just above the type declaration.
[23-Apr-17 21:15:57]GPF_1: and it'll show.
[23-Apr-17 21:16:26]GPF_1: line prior when you created the type
[23-Apr-17 21:16:42]GPF_1: the tooltip will show the comment section.
[23-Apr-17 21:16:53]GPF_1: you can put some reminder stuff in there.
[23-Apr-17 21:17:21]GPF_1: and for fields, you can put comments to the right and they will show in the tooltip
[23-Apr-17 21:17:31]GPF_1: however, there is a bug with arrays.
[23-Apr-17 21:17:47]Joanna345: another bug ...
[23-Apr-17 21:17:57]GPF_1: if you have a [x..x] of whatever; { this comment will not show}
[23-Apr-17 21:19:17]GPF_1: well just use the Tobject on the base class for now on.. itll make you happier.
[23-Apr-17 21:19:31]Joanna345: i didnt know
[23-Apr-17 21:19:48]Joanna345: i tried tobject but it was the wrong one so it wouldnt compile before
[23-Apr-17 21:20:00]GPF_1: btw, when ever you have both Classes and Objects in the unit, you may want to use full qualifying name for the TObject
[23-Apr-17 21:20:41]GPF_1: or move the Objects unit to the front, first one, so class TObject is default.
[23-Apr-17 21:21:20]Joanna345: i guess
[23-Apr-17 21:22:18]GPF_1: I had to do that in a few places , So I just prefix the TObject..
[23-Apr-17 21:22:26]GPF_1: to make sure I got the correct one.
[23-Apr-17 21:22:40]GPF_1: I need to go now for a bit.
[23-Apr-17 21:22:49]Joanna345: thanks for help see you later
[23-Apr-17 21:22:54]GPF_1: afk

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