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[22-Sep-17 00:03:47]GPF_1: can you show the code before that line?
[22-Sep-17 00:06:29]Jo-Anna: its a call from another object
[22-Sep-17 00:06:45]GPF_1: ok and ?
[22-Sep-17 00:07:05]Jo-Anna: im setting a date and if the date is for noon i call that to move the date info forward 12 hours
[22-Sep-17 00:08:05]GPF_1: you can do that simply by adding .5 to it but what ever.
[22-Sep-17 00:09:07]Jo-Anna: i do other things besides changing the time
[22-Sep-17 00:09:20]GPF_1: yeah I bet.
[22-Sep-17 00:10:02]Jo-Anna: horrible complicated things that would give you nightmares !!!
[22-Sep-17 00:10:28]GPF_1: not me., it takes much more for me to get nightmares
[22-Sep-17 00:10:45]Jo-Anna: dont be sure sure ...
[22-Sep-17 00:11:49]Jo-Anna: well at least that bug got fixed even though it wasnt mine
[22-Sep-17 00:12:13]GPF_1: and same back to you. "Don't be so sure about that"
[22-Sep-17 00:12:37]Jo-Anna: i dont see how i could have caused it
[22-Sep-17 00:13:03]GPF_1: the IF statement is one of the simplest things around and one of the oldest in the language..
[22-Sep-17 00:13:24]GPF_1: if there was something truely wrong there, it would have been found a long time ago.
[22-Sep-17 00:13:28]Jo-Anna: yes so it should work
[22-Sep-17 00:15:31]Jo-Anna: yet it failed
[22-Sep-17 00:15:32]GPF_1: there is a difference.
[22-Sep-17 00:15:32]GPF_1: Object or class?
[22-Sep-17 00:15:32]GPF_1: ok.
[22-Sep-17 00:15:32]Jo-Anna: it is an object with an ancestor
[22-Sep-17 00:15:32]Jo-Anna: i dont know
[22-Sep-17 00:15:32]GPF_1: the case.
[22-Sep-17 00:15:32]GPF_1: which I believe is.
[22-Sep-17 00:15:32]GPF_1: with your code yes, but who's to say your code is not clobbering other code in the background.
[22-Sep-17 00:17:15]GPF_1: things like that can happen if you have another "IF/ELSE" before that out of sync.
[22-Sep-17 00:17:18]Jo-Anna: object
[22-Sep-17 00:17:44]Jo-Anna: if another if was pending ?
[22-Sep-17 00:17:49]GPF_1: does this Object have a CONSTRUCTOR in it?
[22-Sep-17 00:17:54]Jo-Anna: yes
[22-Sep-17 00:18:09]GPF_1: ok, are you using NEW ?
[22-Sep-17 00:18:25]Jo-Anna: here is what called it IF IS_NOON THEN self.ADVANCE;
[22-Sep-17 00:18:36]Jo-Anna: could that if do something
[22-Sep-17 00:18:47]Jo-Anna: i think that if was resolved before the call
[22-Sep-17 00:20:00]GPF_1: if you call an object with a Constructor CREATE or what ever name you use, it then becomes dynamic.
[22-Sep-17 00:20:38]GPF_1: in which case, you need to use NEW and Dispose.
[22-Sep-17 00:20:43]GPF_1: to handle it.
[22-Sep-17 00:21:01]GPF_1: and it should be accessed via pointer.
[22-Sep-17 00:21:01]Jo-Anna: i only create the object once
[22-Sep-17 00:21:13]Jo-Anna: i have to go afk see you later
[22-Sep-17 00:54:07]GPF_1: oh well
[22-Sep-17 01:26:52]Coraxyn: Another sub atomic particle
[22-Sep-17 01:42:08]GPF_1: ;)
[22-Sep-17 01:47:27]Coraxyn: Oops
[22-Sep-17 01:47:30]Coraxyn: Missed it
[22-Sep-17 01:51:04]GPF_1: u didnt miss anything
[22-Sep-17 02:01:09]Coraxyn: Oh
[22-Sep-17 02:33:47]GPF_1: ;)
[22-Sep-17 02:53:08]Coraxyn: Saw it this time!
[22-Sep-17 04:11:11]Diogenes: servus

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