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[05-Feb-19 03:57:05]GPF_1: if you sort the list and there are duplicates you can have it ingored , remove it or generate an error.
[05-Feb-19 03:57:16]GPF_1: anyways, what bother.
[05-Feb-19 03:59:13]GPF_1: there are other ways to do that,
[05-Feb-19 03:59:43]GPF_1: just use the FIND to check for existing entry before adding it.
[05-Feb-19 04:00:00]GPF_1: yes
[05-Feb-19 04:00:43]GPF_1: also you can set the case sensitive to false so it will not care about cases
[05-Feb-19 04:02:00]GPF_1: hmm
[05-Feb-19 04:02:11]GPF_1: no
[05-Feb-19 04:02:16]GPF_1: stringlist.find
[05-Feb-19 04:03:32]GPF_1: I am not so sure if Tcombo uses a Tstringlist but just a Tstrings
[05-Feb-19 04:05:24]GPF_1: oh well, what a Bumper.
[05-Feb-19 04:05:43]GPF_1: I can picture a hora show.
[05-Feb-19 04:06:00]GPF_1: my god, did you know how to turn on the PC then/
[05-Feb-19 04:06:01]GPF_1: ?
[05-Feb-19 04:06:11]GPF_1: anyways.. Good night..
[05-Feb-19 17:52:27]Diogenes: servus
[05-Feb-19 17:55:26]Coraxyn: MOrning
[05-Feb-19 18:15:54]Pilo2: Pilo2 leaves #fpc("Taking my Vortec IRC elsewhere...")
[05-Feb-19 19:47:26]Diogenes: gute nacht
[06-Feb-19 17:15:21]Diogenes: servus
[06-Feb-19 18:38:45]eharmonic: greetings
[06-Feb-19 18:44:40]davidlt: hi
[06-Feb-19 18:44:45]davidlt: is there a release schedule for FPC?
[06-Feb-19 19:15:28]Diogenes: gute nacht+
[07-Feb-19 03:09:06]Jo-Anna: hi everybody ?
[07-Feb-19 04:02:55]*: Arahael waves.
[07-Feb-19 05:14:42]KF5WYX: re
[07-Feb-19 05:16:57]KF5WYX: I have a record with "class operator Implicit( a: TArrayOfFloat ): Vector2;" and same explicit overload, porting this code from delphi {$mode delphiunicode}. In delphi I use the vector as var V: Vector2; ... Vector2 := [2,5]; <-- in fpc this line errors on Illegal type conversion: "Set Of Byte"
[07-Feb-19 05:17:00]KF5WYX: to "TArrayOfFloat". Can I make fpc see the literal as a dynamic array of float (where float is an alias for single in this case).
[07-Feb-19 05:17:42]KF5WYX: That should be V := [2,5]; ^^
[07-Feb-19 05:36:42]KF5WYX: Appears to be a reported bug.
[07-Feb-19 05:53:53]*: Arahael never studied "computer science".
[07-Feb-19 06:07:11]Coraxyn: Ara :)
[16-Feb-19 22:40:39]GPF_11: a click does not happen until you release the mouse.
[16-Feb-19 22:40:57]GPF_11: if the down and up are not the same control it should not be doing that
[16-Feb-19 22:41:21]GPF_11: doing it this way indicates a drag operation.
[16-Feb-19 22:41:51]GPF_11: Dog run.
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